stuff I like and recommend

(in no particular order)

Eli Juniper‘The Line Behind the Border’ , and films on YouTube

This incredible woman has given me so much insight through her work, which is bursting with soulful expression, love, bravery, and above all, beauty. I strongly suggest taking your time to work through her intricate and unfathomably deep poetry, as well as her several excellent short films, music videos, and trailers for other artists’ work.

Dolph Lungren – On Healing and Forgiveness’

If you’re like me and didn’t know the thoughtful side of Dolph Lungren, then this speech may surprise you. But he has important messages about family, violence, purpose, and…well, holistic selves.

Claire Wineland‘Don’t wait to be healed to start helping’

Claire’s life was incredibly difficult, but she didn’t see it as just a struggle. In her talks, of which this one is my favourite, she implores us to make the most of what we have, and extols the virtues of doing so. A true prophet.

Rupert Sheldrake‘The Science Delusion’ and theory of morphic resonance

I was an atheist and unquestioning materialist my whole life until 3 years ago. No one was more helpful in undoing my programming. I can’t give him enough praise and thanks for what he has given me.

Graham Hancock – important work on ancient history

I’m very interested in where we came from, and how we got here. And there is a lot of evidence emerging that our conventional understanding of history could be very, very wrong. I would class Graham’s trilogy: Fingerprints of the Gods, Magicians of the Gods and America Before as absolutely essential reading.

Ella Dawson – ‘STIs aren’t a consequence – they’re an inevitability’

I think that one of the most important things to do in life is to question everything. This might seem like a niche topic, but in fact, I think that Ella’s talk raises a lot of questions about how society functions and how we think. And the statistics she presents may well stagger you.

Bernardo Kastrup – ‘In defence of theology’

Another key step on my spiritual path was having a clear and calm explanation that matched what I was thinking: that materialism didn’t make sense and that in fact, it was perfectly rational to explore theology.