how many lives do we touch?

we are souls


from the briefest brush

passing by each other

like eddies in a desert,

to the longer, fuller

exchanges where meaning

is present, even if not fully


to the most intense:

crashing against the

conscious hearts of ourselves

and feeling the impacts

the energising sparks

and solemn drains –

as if these were our rites,

the moments in process

that give (with kindness) to us

or force upon us

the gravity of one another…

some, sadly, mediated

through transactions

and modes:

as teachers, students, colleagues,

members of groups and families –

(gathered by what force?)

co-inhabitants of mindscapes –

what meaning lies behind

these labels and roles?

and did we rise above them

and share real things

and inspire and co-create

mixing our selves

to move each other?

certainly I’ve felt moved

and blessed, and enriched

and touched.

I hope, I think

I’ve given something

of myself

to the whole.

“We are the stars…for we sing with our light…for we are birds made of fire…for we spread our wings over the sky…our light is a voice…we cut a road for the soul…for its journey through death…for we face the hills with disdain…this is the song of the stars”

Jan Garbarek