temptation and the Voices

the spirit of our characters

are tapestries we wear

(our hearts on our sleeves)

to be judged

by each other and by God…

as the spirit moves inside us

this clothing changes

depicts our story

and bares our souls

but we live in a world where

ghosts made of lies lurk

below the surface, ready,

to be conjured anew

by ritual invocation.

false religions are delusions

by which we forget

who we are and who we could be,

and we are reprogrammed

by those who push their thoughts

inside of our minds.

they show us a corrupted, shitty effigy

as the complete totem

of what shit we are told we are,

and then a brighter, though no less deadly totem

of what we could become, if we follow

their manipulative prescriptions.

always there is a prize that is dangled:

the transformation of our selves

through the ritual.

so is it any wonder that

we’ve forgotten how to look

at each other’s character,

since we’re drawing on collective memory

and symbolic language

that has been completely infected with a hideous alien culture

and we’ve fallen under the spell of the Voices?

The First Voice says that

morality is a matter of commandment,

that there is force above and beyond us

and that it hath commanded

how we ought to behave:

how to cook, eat, fuck, sleep, play, talk, teach and learn.

This is the voice of the tyrannical father,

yet people have trusted it

specifically because it is

supposed to be

not of us,

and is meant to be ‘heavenly’.

The Second Voice does not

reference some distant, unseen source:

it speaks only from within,

as if that were proof of anything

except that which is within itself:

the toxic combination

of hollow self-esteem and

a narcissistic doppelgänger of

conceit and zealous self-righteousness.

It speaks of universal human values

yet, everywhere this Voice is heard,

those values are shredded,

dissent is crushed,

‘prices are paid’ – prices we are told

are worth paying. How could this

ever be true?

Where the First Voice spoke of the prize

and what you must do to achieve it,

the Second Voice speaks of

‘what must be done’ and

what you must do to assist it.

It is the voice of progress, of history,

of enlightenment, of democracy,

of intervention, of compromise –

and of every major mass murder ever.

The First Voice spoke of eternal damnation,

but you might yet go on living for a while before it came.

The Second Voice points and says

‘these people have betrayed the Group,

the Party, the Country, the Species…

they must be eliminated

For The Good of All.

I have escaped somehow:

I have not been entranced

or controlled by these Voices.

But I am in awe of them.

They have built the alien cultures

of groveling idolatry and industrial slavery.

They have written history.

If human life is to come to an end,

it will be of their doing.

In the end, as in the beginning,

there will be the word –

will the word be of one of these voices?


I do have some hope to offer you.

I must recover

from the awesome and terrifying sound

of those voices and tell you about

The Third Voice,

with which so few speak


Except I can’t!

The Third Voice is not mine

to speak of, not all the time.

I cannot tell you The Truth –

were I to try it would not be

The Third Voice I would be using.

I would have to speak with one of

the other two voices,

in order to trick you into ‘believing’ my message,


Yours is the Third Voice:

it is you, it is inside you,

and when you speak your truth,

you speak with that voice.

May you come to know

your voice and your truth

better and better

as days pass…

‘this above all: to thine own self be true’

‘and ye shall know the truth

and the truth will set you free’.