knowledge, understanding, and belonging: some journal questions

[I recently started keeping a journal to track my daily thoughts, which I hope will help me (re?)build a sense of self and also recover from trauma. I will be posting some (not all) entries here for sharing]

Two things I’ve discussed with my therapist are: the sense of being lost in the world without purpose or a true sense of belonging; and the trauma of seeing that one is not very well known or understood by those we are meant to be closest to…meaning, our families.

Is this a kind of chicken-and-egg dynamic? What are the causes?

Certainly, I can point to how civilisation and its traumas produces such variation in experience and coping mechanisms that we become estranged from each other, even when in physical proximity…

But are there are other inputs?

[if you have ideas and would like to share them, please leave a comment]