what are the important things to know about others?

when I visit the ‘about’ pages of others, what am I looking to find out?

connections, I guess

things that help us identify with one another

a reason, an affirmation

for making a connection in the first place

I hope you’ll find such seeds in the thoughts I’ve expressed here

I’d very much like to connect with anyone that resonates with anything I’ve expressed

But…if it matters to anyone, I’m a middle-aged man man. I recently discovered* that I’ve been depressed and anxious my whole life. Several traumas, including childhood sexual abuse, have recently resurfaced, causing me a lot of pain. I’m beginning to sort through that and get help with it.

On the light side, I’ve experienced a lot and sometimes feel very full of the sensations that life can give. I’ve travelled to many countries. I’ve explored music, cinema and literature in considerable depth. I’m passionate about philosophy, spirituality, nature, and above all, people.

I hope to make your acquaintance. Who knows, we might one day be friends 🙂

* = I know, right?! How could someone not know?!

This is a question I am currently exploring in some depth.